Incantations of Vengeance

by Serpent Crown

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released August 1, 2016


tags: metal Oakland


all rights reserved


Serpent Crown Oakland, California

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Track Name: Uncertain Life, Certain Death
A descent into darkness
Vast immovable sea
Waves stilled in the silence
For eternity!

The dawn shall not come
Blood stilled in the vein
Flesh cold to the touch
How it was meant to be.

Uncertain LIfe
But Certain Death!
There will always be
That final breath!
Every twist and turn
Of a perilous path
In the end all must bow,
To the reapers staff!

A moment shall come
Of unspeakable pain
When all that you know
Shall wither away

For the mighty and poor
It shall all be the same
When the reaper comes
We all must obey

Repeat Chorus

Who knows when the axe shaill fall?
Death will take us all.
Who knows when the axe shaill fall?
Death will take us all...


Who knows when the axe shall fall?
Death will take us all.
Who knows when the axe shall fall?
Death will take us...
Track Name: Conjurings of the Damned
Sorcery, infernal lust, witchery
Shall not be misread.

Maleficiium, is immanent,
Necromancy wakes the dormant dead.

Omens, are sinister,
Augers say with their glowing eyes.

Sacrifice, is imminent,
The innocent will not survive.

Voices from the fire
Call your name
Lords of the Netherworld
Demand their pay

Voices from the fire
Shall be fed
To cross to the netherworld
Land of the Dead!

Immolate, obfuscate,
Falling to the claws of time.

Relentless, such bloodlust
insatiable, cannot be denied.

Oracles, they prophesize
Myriad visions of despair

Maleficence impending
Fall into the sorcerer's lair.

Repeat Chorus

Sacrifice, is immanent
The innocent shall be consumed.
Sacrifice is immanent
The innocent led to their doom.
Track Name: Vengeance of the Witch
Ravaged by fire
In this dark morn
Reduced to ashes
To be reborn

Feel the vengeance of the witch
Who curses from her bated breath
Seared by the talons of flames
But will not surrender unto death
Seared by the talons of fire
Vengeance become her greatest desire
Feel the vengeance of the witch

The rabid masses
Jeer as she burns
Their souls she'll seek
When she returns

Repeat Chorus

Ripe from the trials of pain
Never be broken again
Arise from a fiery grave!


Across the centuries
She'll rise again
And all the world
Will know her name

Feel the vengeance of the witch!

Feel the vengeance of the witch!
Track Name: Martyr
The rays of light, call my name
The world is lost, consumed in flames
The search for truth, when there's no reward
To find the will, to face the oppressors

Hate and greed
Know no boundaries

As they bow to the underlords
Track Name: Bloodmoon
Under a bloodmoon,
We shall transform
Out from shadows,
The loathed and the scorned

We are not demons,
Cursed in form
But we are feared,
And hunted since yore.

Brethren be steeled
Destiny calls
Cry of the wolf!

Onward we prowl
And hunt through the night
Long live the beast!
The ancient wolf's bite.

Quiver in terror
The pack it grows strong
Howl at the moon
The wolf shall live on


I am the wolf

We shall live on

Cry of the wolf!
Track Name: The Wings of Retribution
As the phoenix arises
From a pyre of flames
When a soul lies in torment
The dead shall rise again

Lurking in darkness,
Viper poised to strike
Treachery and betrayal
One fatal bite

The fallen shall arise again
As furies spread their wings
The fallen shall arise again
The vengeful seek their claim

I shall drive you to madness
With my phantoms glare
Sanity withers
Consumed by fear

Blood on you hands
Cannot be cleansed
Apparitions of terrors
Will mark your end


Unleash the hounds of doom
A nightmare from the tomb

On through the Gates of Hell
For herein you shall Dwell

Look into my eyes
The dead can tell no lies

Your death shall set me free
Revenge has shackled me

Thus onward I shall fly
On through eternal skies